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"Show Me - is specially for kids - is free and safe - and has news, games, make and do activities and more from the UK museum sector".

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What did I enjoy in school this week?

(W/E 01.05.2015)


Amimah – I liked counting the monies in Maths.

Xue – I liked milkshakes.

Sahiba – I liked learning about DT.

Imade – I liked learning about the earthquake because yesterday I was crying because I don’t like when children or people dying in their life.

Kara – I liked making the milkshakes because it was fun.

Attal – I liked DT because it was really fun and we learnt about

milkshakes and doing milkshakes.

Evin – When we was watching the video when the people were dying

I was crying because I don’t like people when they die.

It was so sad when they died in the earthquake.


Riana: I liked P.E. Because we did a relay race and I was good at it!


Kyree: I enjoyed subtracting and adding integers and

decimals because me and my peers (Sendil and Thierry) were playing

a board game where we roll a dice;

if you roll 3 or less I had to subtract and if I rolled 4 or more I had to add!


Sendil: I liked it when we were comparing our weekend to

a Buddhist monk's daily routine!


Amira: I really enjoyed Science because I made a comic strip about

Mary Anning's life.  She was the greatest fossil extraordinaire!


Osman: This week I enjoyed English because we had to write an

explanation text about a Lirkina.  I used time connectives and 

powerful adjectives to make my writing a good piece!


Falaq: I enjoyed R.E because we could learn about the Buddhist monk's

timetable and ours.  Their day was so long compared to ours but

they learnt 3 different languages, which was English, Tibetan

and lots of revision!


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Golden Award Winners

W/E 1st May, 2015

Congratulations to:

Attal, Firdaus, Lahima, Haseeb, Priscilla, Mohdin, Aliza, Yahya D, Hamid, Mohammed, Shayaan, Hadya, Aaliyah, Yusra, Tyheim, Reece, Angel, Nasrin, Iman and Sana.



Easter Assembly at Downsell Primary

1st April 2015

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Year 1 - a trip

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Community News

World Immunisation

Week 2015

24th to 30th April


LBWF Public Health is celebrating World Immunisation Week

– and you should too!

Vaccination is one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medicine.


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School Meals


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Waltham Forest Music Service (WFMS) provides music tuition in many of the borough’s schools.


Tuition in singing and a wide variety of instruments, many of which are available to hire at an affordable price.


It also runs a thriving Music School after the school day and on Saturday mornings.