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Governing Body Meetings

Please see below for the next Governing Body meetings for the year 2019-2020



Please click below to view copies of the minutes from the meetings:

  -Downsell GB 21 March 2016.pdf- 

  -Downsell GB 14 April 2016.pdf-  

  -Downsell Primary GB - 11th May 2016.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB 11th July 2016.pdf-  

  -Downsell Primary GB Minutes 19 September 2016.pdf-  

  -Downsell Primary GB 17th October 2016.pdf-  

  -Downsell Primary GB Minutes 6th February 2017.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB 27 March 2017.pdf- 

  -Downsell GB Minutes 17-07-2017.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 11 September 2017.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes - Mon 9th Oct 2017.pdf-  

  -Minutes of Downsell FGB Meeting 13.11.17.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 05.02.2018.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 26 March 2018.pdf-  

  -FINAL Downsell GB Minutes 14-05-2018.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 16-07-2018.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 10 09 18.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 8 October 2018.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 12 November 2018.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 14-01-19.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 25 February 2019.pdf-  

  -Downsell School FGB meeting minutes 25th March 2019.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 13-05-2019.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 15 July 2019-V275569884.pdf-  

  -Final Downsell GB Minutes 09-09-2019.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 15 October 2019.pdf-  

  -Downsell 25 Nov 2019 GB minutes.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB Minutes 13 January 2020.pdf-  

  -Downsell GB minutes 24 February 2020.pdf-  

  -Downsell Primary GB minutes April 22nd 2020.pdf-  

  -Downsell FGB agreed minutes 29th April 2020.pdf-  

  -Downsell Primary GB Mins 11 May 2020.pdf-  

  -Minutes of Downsell FGB meeting 27th May 2020.pdf-  

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